Welcome to the Perceptio Cibus association

It is a great pleasure to be able to share our presence in Switzerland with you and to welcome you with  kindnessrespectsupport  and  confidentiality .

We all have an experience, whether positive or negative, in our journey of losing and / or gaining weight …For some of us, this journey is tedious and ends on a note of frustration because, despite our best efforts, we are still obese people. This does not mean, however, that we are unwilling and unable to lose weight! There are many prejudices against us which are in the majority of cases unfounded and inadequate! It is time to react and change mentalities. We created this association in order to make you smile again as well as achieve mental and physical well-being !!!

Our vision is: “It is not the weight that improves well-being, but the well-being that improves the weight.”

Find out more about us by visiting our site. Would you like to join us? We look forward to meeting you so that we can move forward together!

Let’s move forward together!

Let’s join forces!