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My participation in the Focusing workshop helped a lot to cope with an uncomfortable situation that I had been living for almost a year.

It freed me from a huge weight that I was dragging on my shoulders and over the next few days I have becom more serene and continue to move forward.

I can only recommend this workshop to step up your life journey.


I participated in a workshop on  Focusing promoted by the association  Perceptio Cibus.
It was an extraordinary moment!
I shared this day with people who are rich inside and discover this effective technique that aims at the essentials of inner life. This helped me a  lot to understand my mother’s approach so that I can support her in her weight loss project within this association. I will then continue to support her in all the steps she will take.

Thank you!


At first I was a little apprehensive and didn’t know what to expect…
As the Focusing workshop continued, I noticed that my mood gradually was changing.

I gained confidence and the desire to evolve.

At the end of the workshop, I was energized and since then I have aquired the desire to continue to move forward on a personal level!

I feel relieved and lighter!
I had a wonderful day.

Thanks to Katja.