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07.11.2020 10.56

Perceptio Cibus

Il est important durant cette période de crise sanitaire de garder des liens sociaux malgré la distance.
Sur Facebook, nous avons un groupe de soutien Suisse de Perceptio Cibus pour les personnes souffrant d'obésité et nous organisons également des groupes de parole en visio conférence. Le prochain aura lieu le 14 novembre 2020 de 14h à 15h30. Inscriptions par email: info@perceptiocibus.org. Venez partager un moment convivial et bienveillant avec nous.
C'est gratuit et ouvert à tout le monde concerné par l'obésité.
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21.10.2020 18.00

Perceptio Cibus

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21.10.2020 08.30

Perceptio Cibus

La coalition européenne des personnes vivant avec l'obésité (EASO ECPO) organise, ce jour une campagne de luttre contre la stigmatisation.
Nous sommes heureux de pouvoir participer activement contre la stigmatisation en Europe comme en Suisse.
Envie de nous soutenir? Vous êtes le bienvenu, car ensemble nous serons plus fort!
A partager un maximum!

www.perceptiocibus.org (En Suisse)
www.eurobesitas.ch (En Suisse)
www.eurobesity.org (EASO ECPO, européen)
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16.10.2020 19.46

Perceptio Cibus

🚫Our ECPO Page is having a little technical hiccup!🚫
However we wanted to remind everyone that our webinar registration is OPEN, and we are excited to see many of you there!
This webinar will explore the damage fat shaming, and stigma causes to people who are trying to manage their weight and are #LivingWithObesity.
We will have a variety of esteemed speakers ranging from some of our European patient representatives to Professors and Doctors, and Ireland's day time host on Virgin TV, Ms ELaine Crowley who will share her reflections on this subject.
We will delve into childhood obesity stigma and bullying, and discuss how we can support children correctly and open communication with them, and their family to ensure they have the support systems they need.
We will have the patient and personal experiences of why we need to make people aware that stigma, fat shaming and bullying simply DOES NOT WORK, and only causes more harm.
Stigma, trolling, bullying and fat shaming is too common in society and the clinical community, And the need for 'People First' language for all.
Join us and show support for the people who love and care about that need #supportnotstigma.
Our webinar will be hosted by ECPO's Executive Director Vicki Mooney. Click below to register and show your support!
#obesity #PeopleFirst
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Excellent reminder here that doctors are also 'human', yes implicit bias exists, however many HCPs may be unaware of this. #Awareness & #education is key!

#LivingWithObesity #SupportNotStigma #ObesityStigma

Nur eine interdisziplinäte strukturierte Therapie wird die #Adipositas in den Griff bekommen. #livingwithobesity #adipositas #obesity #selbsthilfe https://t.co/7kLHttYSCd

Wussten Sie schon, dass sich unser Körper vor Gewichtsabnahme schützt? #livingwithobesity #adipositas #obesity #selbsthilfe #ecpo https://t.co/7kLHttHhKF

Join us next Wednesday 21st October and be a part of our drive to have #SupportNotStigma for people #LivingWithObesity where we will launch our first ever European patient developed short video in 14 European languages 🙏

Join us!⬇️

C'est une journée importante: "Campaigne People First" organisé par l'EASO ECPO. Les pays européens s'unissent pour lutter contre la stigmatisation!!

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